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useful links for parents

Please use the links below to find out more information on autism and some of the interventions that we use.

Above you will find a lot of useful information and ways in which you can support your children.

Above you will find a link to our daily sensory session "Tac Pac". This will give you an insight into how the intervention runs.

Above is the link for the local Heathway centre - Please get in touch with them for more information about parent support groups, family activities and programmes, as well as courses, that run both in the half terms and term time.

Above is a link to the official makaton website where there are some useful links. 'Singinghands' is another great resource for makaton songs that you can enjoy with your child. You can also use Youtube to find short videos for any makaton signs - Mr Tumble is a favourite of many children!

Above is a link to give you more information on cued-articulation. This is what we use to support our children when teaching them their initial phonics sounds.