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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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our vision, aims & values

Grafton Primary School is committed to safeguarding every child in our school.

At Grafton Primary School, we value


Be true to yourself, have courage to always do the right thing.


Give friendship and a helping hand to all.


Smile, be positive and have a sense of humour.


Be honest with yourself, and others.


For yourself, others and the environment.


Ask questions, explore and learn.


Work hard and be resilient in the face of difficulty.


Our Vision and Aims

  • To promote equality and respect for all
  • Prepare children for life in modern Britain and promote core British values (the rule of law, democracy, respect and tolerance, individual liberty)
  • Promote Community Cohesion and encourage cultural and religious literacy
  • Serve the community and provide a bespoke education which meets the needs of children and families
  • Provide the best academic education possible
  • Provide opportunities for all and in doing so, develop every child’s unique talents
  • Provide a safe, happy and caring environment
  • Empower children by teaching them about their rights
  • Equip children with life skills and provide high quality spiritual, moral, social and cultural education
  • Through ‘character education’, produce happy, healthy, emotionally literate and resilient children who are able to thrive now and in the future