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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Homework is for all children and consolidates the learning that children have covered in class each week.  Homework books will be sent out and should not return to school. 



In Nursery this week we looked again to at the Number 1.  At home, show the children number 1. Can the children practise writing the number 1 in the air from the top, straight down?  Where can they find number 1 in the house?  Can you get them to fetch you one toy, one book, one cushion etc? 

Using your clock, tablet or phone see if you can time the children doing some exercises.  How many can they do in 1 minute? Try jumps, hops, skips, star jumps, etc.

On some paper, can the children practise writing the numeral 1? Please take some photos of your child doing this and send to  We would love to see your lovely work at home!

If you have BBC iPlayer, look at Number Blocks - Series 1.

Have fun.

The Nursery Team