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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Week commencing 14.12.2020

Homework is for all children and consolidates the learning that children have covered in class each week.  Homework books will be sent out and should not return to school. 

Weekly homework will consist of:

  • Spellings
  • Maths task
  • Quiz of the Week

Children can practise their spellings, complete the Maths task and answer the quiz questions in the homework book. The answers will be posted the following week so that parents and children can self-assess their answers at home. Please remember not to return the homework books to school.

You can email us at: if you have any questions or queries.

Your child will be told which spelling group they are in.  Please practise these spellings with your child at home as they will be having a weekly spelling test on a Friday.





We have no spellings this week as we haven't got a full week this week.

Maths Homework:

Money, money, money!

Activities have been allocated on Mathletics this week to support our money knowledge and understanding:

  1. Identify everyday money
  2. Money Who’s got it?
  3. How much change
  4. Test

If you have your Numbots login details don’t forget to log in and play. What level will you reach? Will you be awarded a certificate? How many coins will you earn?

You may find it helpful to have some real or toy money available for these activities If you do not have any you can make pretend coins and notes from paper.

When calculating change we are basically finding the difference between two amounts. There are a number of different ways of calculating this difference, you could:

•             Counting up on a number line from the lower value to the higher value.

•             Counting back on a number line from the higher value to the lower value.

•             Subtract (take away) the lower amount from the higher amount practically using coins.

•             Adding on from the lower value practically with coins until you make the higher value.


Have some fun! Set up a shop at home with different objects of varying amounts, ask people to visit your shop making purchases of two or more items, this way you will need to calculate the total cost of the items as well as the change given. Alternatively use the following sale items and purchases:


Quiz of the week - 14.12.20

1. Which famous Christmas song begins with the lyrics, 'You better watch out, You better not cry'?

2. Which popular Christmas movie is about a young boy who takes a train ride to the North Pole?

3. On what night does the Christmas season traditionally come to an end:
    a) Fifth Night, b) Eighth Night, c) Twelfth Night?

4. How did Mary travel to Bethlehem to give birth to baby Jesus?

5. Can you unscramble the following letters to reveal a word than means Christmas: ELNO?

Quiz of the week answers for 7.12.20


1. What do you need to revive an unhealthy plant?

Water, sunlight and air.You need to see what your plant hasn’t had enough of and make sure that it has more of that particular thing.

2. How are Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria similar? 

Both of them became Queens at a young age, major events happened while they both were on the throne.

3. How are Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria different?

Queen Elizabeth never married but Queen Victoria did.

Queen Elizabeth reigned for 45 years but Victoria reigned for 64 years.

4. What does the word revive mean?

to restore to life or consciousness

5. Show different ways of making 47p.

20p + 20p + 5p +2p

10p + 10p + 10p + 10p + 5p + 2p

20p + 10p + 10p + 1p + 1p +1p + 1p +1p + 2p