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home learning



Hi Year 1!

The home learning is based on the teaching and learning that the children would be receiving in class with many of the activities being the same wherever possible. Over the course of the week, we ask that the children complete as many of the home learning tasks as possible. Home learning will be placed on the school website weekly and is for those children who are having to self-isolate at home. (There will also be homework set, this can be found by clicking on the Homework tab).


Please don't forget to share photos, comments and queries via our email. If you have any questions please contact us at

 Please email in completed home learning to the email address above with your child's name and class for your child's class teacher to review. Thank you

We have some new learning and fun activities for you to do at home this week. 


                          Home Learning           Date 19.10.20

Literacy lesson 1

This week we are continuing our work on ‘Burger Boy’ by Alan Durant. You  can listen to the story here;





We have written a simplified version of the story. 

Benny loved eating burgers.

“You’ll turn in to a burger one day,” said his mum.

And one day he did.

First, the dogs wanted to eat Benny so they chased him.

“I’m not a burger, I’m a boy!” Shouted Benny.

Then the cows were cross with Benny so they chased him.

“I’m not a burger, I’m a boy!” Shouted Benny.

Next, the children wanted to eat Benny so they chased him.

“I’m not a burger, I’m a boy!” Shouted Benny.

“Get in!” said the man in the van.

The man wanted to sell Benny for £1 a slice.

“That’s not a burger, that’s my son” shouted Benny’s mum.

Benny’s mum fed him healthy food and he turned back into a boy.

Benny loved carrots now.

“You’ll turn in to a carrot one day,” said his mum.


Can you make a change to the 'Burger Boy' story? Change Burger Boy into a different character e.g. ‘Banana Boy’ or ‘Sausage Girl’. If you choose Sausage Girl a pig could chase after her and instead of saying the cow in a field you could use pig in a farm/sty, etc.  Orally retell or perform your new story to someone else.


Literacy lesson 2

Write your new 'Burger Boy' story.


Maths lesson 1

Complete the 'Ordinal Numbers' worksheet attached at the bottom of the page.


Maths lesson 2

Draw a 0-10 number line on the floor outside using chalks or on a piece of paper using a pencil. Use this number line to find the answers to these questions:

1. Draw an arrow or point to numbers 7, 3 and 5.

2. Which number is greater, 7 or 3?

3. What is one more than 4?

4. What is one less than 9?


5. What is 2 more than 6?

6. What is 3 less than 5?


History lesson - Black History Month

Can you find out about Mo Farah? Why is he important? 

Find out as much information as you can and create a poster to explain why Mo Farah is important.



Make an autumn picture and write about what changes you can see.



  If you would like to send in photographs of your home learning, send them to and put your class and teacher's name in the subject.



Story time!












Below are some really useful websites that will help support your
child's learning at home. These are updated regularly so do check in!


You will find activity ideas to develop children's knowledge of number, shape, space and measures. 

BBC bitesize are uploading daily content to support home learning -

Literacy - username: march20 password: home - A great free resource for reading across the phonics phases on all levels in a fun comic style.


Useful websites

Art activities:

Videos :