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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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What we are talking about.

At Grafton, we want to give children the opportunity to talk about what matters to them. Therefore, every few weeks a new theme will be introduced to allow the children to address various emotions and scenarios that may arise throughout their lives e.g. global pandemic. 

We want children and  to feel safe, contained and validated throughout the session.Teachers foster this environment by getting the children to decide and agree upon a set of rules for the discussion. Please feel free to continue these conversations at home with your children. 

The resources below can be used by parents at home to support their children's understanding of how we cope with our emotions. Use the resources as a talking point, watch the videos with your children and discuss. We want to encourage our children to talk about their emotions openly and we can do this by attuning to them and validating how they feel in a safe enviroment.