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Wellbeing and mindfulness

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness helps you to  focus on the present instead of focusing on the past or future. As you grow into adults, you need to learn to manage stress in healthy ways and make sure you have a healthy balance in your live.


What our children have to say about mindfulness.

Have Your Say - Inspirations Studios

" I feel like my chair was floating and I was letting everything out. Now I feel so calm" (Nataliyah 4 Elm) 

" I feel like I was on a beach and I was able to feel my body relax. When I opened my eyes I felt relaxed and grateful for mindfulness. ( Sharon 4 Elm) 

" I was in the room and then it was like a portal brought me to my happy place , which is the beach. It made me feel calm actually" ( Caellen 4 Hazel) 


What is MINDFULNESS and how do you do it?  Cosmic Kids Zen Den




Practice Videos

Watch these practice videos to guide you through some simple mindfulness activities that you can do at home and at school.

Body Scan Meditation by GoZen!




Still Quiet place( Dr Amy)




 Flashlight of Attention( Dr Amy)




Balance( Dr Amy)