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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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The Ark


The Ark is a new provision at Grafton Primary School that has opened this academic year for our SEND children. It is a warm and welcoming room which has opened to ensure we are meeting the needs of children with complex needs. As a Rights Respecting school, we believe that every child has the right to an education which develops each child’s personality and talents to the full. Our staff are highly motivated and there is a strong focus on the well-being of each and every child that enters the room. 

Our priorities in the Ark are

  1. To provide a calm, safe and nurturing learning environment for each and every child.
  2. To ensure that our children are equipped with independent self-care skills.
  3. To meet children’s individual speech, language and communication needs.
  4. To meet the sensory needs of the children.
  5. To develop our children into independent learners.
  6. To develop social skills and encourage children to regulate their social and emotional needs.

A morning in the life of The Ark…

When the children enter the Ark they are greeted with friendly members of staff who welcome them in. We like to start the morning with breakfast, allowing all staff and children to socialise together and to ensure they are ready to learn.  We spend time outside exploring and playing in the natural environment, followed by the children self-registering. This is to encourage and promote, not only their independence, but their turn-taking and communication skills. After this there is a short group lesson led by the teacher. 
The rest of the morning consists of a free-flow structure, whilst each child gets 1:1 learning time with a member of staff, focusing on their individual targets. The morning ends with a sensory session before lunch time, where the calming music, dark den and soft ball pit help the children to explore, relax and regulate their emotions.