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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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In the teaching of Music, teachers will ensure that listening and applying knowledge and understanding are developed through the interrelated skills of performing, composing and appraising.

Music at Grafton Primary School at Key Stage 1, is linked carefully to topics being studied by the children, whilst maintaining a focus on each of the musical elements: dynamics, pitch, timbre and texture, rhythm and pulse, duration and also tempo and structure.

In Key Stage 2, currently teachers deliver music lessons as a discreet subject, following the Music Express scheme of work for music, focusing on the different strands of music half termly.  Also, additionally, year 5 receive musical tuition in the form of the Wider Opportunities initiative where they are have the opportunity to learn an instrument for a whole year.

During Key Stage 1, pupils listen carefully and respond to a wide range of music.  They are introduced to and play musical instruments and begin to sing a variety of songs from memory and adding instrumental accompaniments.  They use this knowledge to create and record a range of short compositions with increasing confidence, imagination and control.  The children explore the effects and sounds of different instruments and silence and experiment with the different effects this can produce.

During Key Stage 2, pupils develop confidence and skill in singing songs and playing instruments.  They also develop expression and awareness of their own contribution in both group and class performances.  They improvise and develop their own musical compositions in response to a range of stimuli

They explore links to other areas of the curriculum and develop their own thoughts and feeling by listening  and responding to a wide range of music from different times and cultures.