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Looking after our environment

Eco-Schools Award:  What is it?

The Eco-Schools award is a global program sponsored by the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. It aims to raise children’s awareness of environmental issues happening in the world by empowering children to make a change within their local communities.

 There are three levels of the award, Bronze, Silver and  Green Flag each with their own requirements to fulfil.  Schools are tasked with tackling three out of nine areas in order to reach their first Green Flag.

At Grafton Primary we have tasked members of the school council and developed our own Eco-Committee to carry out an agreed action plan alongside members of the Right Respecting Committee.

The Eco-Schools award is being fronted by Miss A Carroll and Mr R Hughes.

What does the school have planned?

As you may have already seen, the school has had solar panels installed on the roof. The Eco Committee are in charge of recording the data from this.

As well as this, we have organised a scheme to recycle our printer toner and ink cartridges. Parents and Carers have been sent letters about bringing in printer cartridges at home to prevent them going to landfill. This scheme, as well as helping the environment, also raises a small amount of funds for the school.

The Eco-Committee are also going to be ensuring that the school, including teachers, are abiding by the Green Policy.

The school has currently a Bronze level award.





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