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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Lean Beans Club

The Lean beans club is all about supporting families to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is a club for all the family to learn, share and play. There are some amazing invectives for families taking part in the club these include: free leisure centre memberships for all the families that take part, 2-hour healthy cooking and eating session and a £20 supermarket voucher for families taking part. In an ever-growing obesogenic environment, families are finding it increasingly hard to lead a healthy lifestyle. The Lean club sets out to help families gain the knowledge and skills that could help them on this journey.


The programme is for any family that would like to learn about leading a healthier lifestyle.

The whole family will benefit from learning about a healthier lifestyle, from portion size to physical activity, goal setting to rewards from healthy swaps to labelling reading.


Obesity in childhood can lead to health conditions such as bone and joint problems and pre-diabetes and can also be associated with low self-esteem, stigmatism and school absence.