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 Year 4 Homework project                  Monday, 30th October 2017

Due: Friday, 10th November 2017

Our topic for the half term is ‘Natural Disasters’ and we are learning about earthquakes and volcanoes.  Children are invited to do extra research at home and bring in completed tasks to show to the rest of the year group.  It is always a pleasure to see how much children enjoy the topics and the effort they put into broadening their understanding.  Children can choose one project from the list below or choose from their own ideas.


  • Create a fact file earthquakes and volcanoes to explain what they are and why they take place.
  • Write a recount of natural disaster you experienced. 
  • Find out about any natural disaster that has taken place in the United Kingdom.
  • Write a newspaper report about a natural disaster in Dagenham.

Art and design

  • Design an earthquake or a volcano. 
  • Create a drawing of an earthquake or a volcano. 
  • Create a sequence of pictures to explain the process of an earthquake or volcano. 
  • Design a poster to warn people they are entering a dangerous area (this can include survival tips).


  • Create a map to show the ‘Ring of Fire’.  Explain what the ‘Ring of Fire’ is.


  • Create a presentation about earthquakes and/or volcanoes.    
  • Film yourself broadcasting a natural disaster (pretend you are a presenter and there is a natural disaster happening behind you).

Any project homework completed electronically could be sent to your child’s class teacher.  Our email address for year 4 is