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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Year 1 Homework

Homework is for all children and consolidates the learning that children have covered in class each week. 

Weekly homework will consist of:

  • Maths or Literacy task
  • Quiz of the Week

Children can complete the Maths/Literacy task and answer the quiz questions in the homework book. The answers will be posted the following week so that parents and children can self-assess their answers at home. Please remember not to return the homework books to school.

If you have any questions for the Year 1 team, please feel free to email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Homework books will be sent out and should not return to school. 



Week beginning 19.10.20


Penny loved pizza. She loved it so much that she ate it every single day.
"You'll turn into a pizza one day," said her mum. And one day she did!

Can you finish the story? What happens to Penny? How will she turn back into a girl again? When you are writing, remember to use finger spaces, full stops and to write down each sound you hear in a word. 



1. Which statements are true
7 > 6             5 > 8             2 < 6

2. Name 3 vegetables.

3. What animal letter family do l, t, b and h belong to?

4. What number would the crocodile eat, 7 or 1? Why?

5. If someone is deaf, which of their senses do they not have?



Last weeks quiz answers

1. 8

2. A burger

3. A toddler

4. Soft/fluffy/cuddly

5. Dogs, cows and children