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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Home Learning


The home learning is based on the teaching and learning that the children would be receiving in class with many of the activities being the same wherever possible. Over the course of the week, we ask that the children complete as many of the home learning tasks as possible. Home learning will be placed on the school website weekly and is for those children who are having to self-isolate at home. (There will also be homework set, this can be found by clicking on the Homework tab).


This week we are working on the book ‘Owl Babies’. If you have the book at home, please can you read it. If not, you can watch this link

Please become familiar with the story, including the characters in the book. The children then need to start to join in with the story too, for example saying ‘I want my mummy’.


We will be working on the number 1. Please work on recognising thew number 1. For example, how does it look, can you get one object, can you wiggle one finger, can you write 1 in the air

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be discussing families. Do they have brothers and sisters, how old are they, how many people are in their family, who lives with them, any pets?

They can then draw pictures


We are working on writing our names, remembering a capital letter at the start, then lower case letters for the rest of the name. Please support your child with this.










Carrying on with 1, the children use prepositions to move one object. Can you put one object on the table, then under the table.


Other prepositions you can use – above, next to, in between, in front of and behind

Expressive Arts and Design


We will be working on mark making skills to support the children to draw a self portrait.


What colour is your hair, are your eyes, etc.