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Easter 2018

Grafton Primary School has had a lovely day celebrating Easter!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Freddie (2 Square) and his family for the donation of first prize for the Easter Egg Raffle!   


We have had four very happy winners who are looking forward to taking their winning Easter Eggs home!


Congratulations to: Lily (5 Redwood), Tilly (3 Cedar), Savannah (2 Square) and Sonny (Reception Blue Class)! We all hope you enjoy your chocolate!

EYFS and KS1 have had a lovely day showing off their Easter hats! We can see all the hardwork and effort that has been put into making them!

Reception Winners

Morgan Birch (Blue Class), Peter Tuck (Red Class), 

Year 1 Winners 

William Dinu (1 Badger), Tyler Baker (1 Fox), 

Year 2 Winners

Pirveena Gunasilin (2 Square), Leon Mohammed (2 Circle), 

KS2 have been showing off their artistic talents as well. They had a challenge of decorating their own hard boiled eggs! A huge well done to everyone who partook in the competition and all of the winners!

Year 3 Winners

Besma Idris (3 Aspen), Amy Myler (3 Cedar), Sophie Phillips (3 Birch) 

Year 4 Winners

Lexi Bartle (4 Ash), Aniq Rehman (4 Hazel), Amber Bartle (4 Elm), 

Year 5 Winners

Saniya Iqbal (5 Maple), Tyler Reed (5 Rowan), 

Year 6 Winners

Alysha Ali (6 Mulberry), Tahibul Islam (6 Willow), Holly Anderson (6 Holly) and Destini Slattery (6 Beech)