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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Article 30 (children from minority or indigenous groups)
Every child has the right to learn and use the language, customs and religion of their family, whether or not these are shared by the majority of the people in the country where they live.

Grafton Primary School is committed to making appropriate provision of teaching and resources for pupils for whom English is an additional language. The school identifies individual pupil’s needs, recognises the skills they bring to school and ensures equality of access to the curriculum. Staff at Grafton Primary School respond positively to pupils’ ability to speak other languages. We believe that cultural and linguistic diversity is a rich resource for the whole school. We also realise that pupils’ achievement is linked to a welcoming school environment, in which they feel valued and confident. Building on pupils’ knowledge of other cultures and languages will support EAL learners in becoming confident users of spoken and written English in all areas of study.

During Key Stage 1

Beginner EAL learners are encouraged to play a full a part in class activities from the start. They are mainly supported in class by EAL trained teaching assistants, who understand and recognise the needs of EAL children and ensure that they feel safe in a classroom environment. The school provides a good variety of visual aids, multilingual posters, dual language reading books, picture dictionaries and other EAL resources.

During Key Stage 2

Beginner EAL learners are supported in class by EAL trained teaching assistants, but also withdrawn for short intervention sessions, in order to help them catch up with any work related to National Curriculum. At the end of a school year, EAL pupils are given a chance to take part in a school EAL performance, which uses a variety of home languages (other than English) spoken in our school. This has been a highly popular and successful school event.

On arrival, new EAL pupils are welcomed with a special friend or buddy (who speaks the same language, if possible) but also another child in their class. An induction booklet in languages spoken is available for the Reception, Infants and Juniors. Each child is given one of these to help them familiarise themselves with the routine and structure of the school day, as well as the names of staff members.