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03.11.2020 - Autumn message to parents

Dear parents,

We hope that you have all had a well-rested half term and that you enjoyed spending quality time with your children. Please check the below tab for this half term's overview of learning.  

Parents evening will be held the week beginning 9th November, but due to the current pandemic it will be run slightly different to usual. All parents will be receiving a phone call instead of the usual face-to-face meetings. There will be more information going out via the Weduc app later today. If you have not done so already, please can we please ask that you download the app, as all messages from the school are now sent out online. If you need any help in downloading or using the app then please ask in the main office and a member of staff will support you.


Home-clothes day will be on Friday 20th November, it is up to you whether or not you send your children in their uniform or their own clothes.

The last day of half term will be Friday 18th December (We will inform you of the timings closer to the time)

Thank you for all of your co-operation.

The Ark Team