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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Last week in Year 3 - 09.03.20

In literacy this week, children were planning and then writing their first draft for the story Cinderella. They then moved on to editing their draft, adding interesting adjectives, adverbs and some even included similes. In Maths this week, we continued with multiplication using the column method. Some children struggled with using this method correctly and so we spent a little more time with this. 

In History/Geography, we looked at the steps for mummification. Children were quite intrigued by this and were shocked at how a brain would be extracted. In Science this week, some year 3 classes looked at the life cycle of a plant, while some dissected a flower.

Sport relief - This week children and staff dressed in sports wear to raise money for charity. Children really enjoyed expressing themselves through their favourite teams and sports gear.

Lastly, a reminder that on the 26th of March Year 3 have their Egyptian day (Information already sent out on Weduc).