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y3 News Story 01.02.19

In literacy this week, we have continued with the theme of myths and legends by looking at the story of the Pharaoh Tutankhamen. The children have enjoyed acting out scenes from the story and writing their own dialogue to go with images from the book.

In maths we have been re-visiting 2D shape. The children have been building on their knowledge by looking at irregular shapes and working out the perimeter of shapes.

In art the children began working on their big pieces for this half term – portraits of the Egyptian gods. Children were able to draw the god/goddess of their choice and use oil pastels to colour. Next week they will add a watercolour wash to complete their work.

For Science the children have been looking at reflective materials. They conducted an investigation using tin foil, recorded the results and compared to their predictions.

Final Reminders!

Tuesday 5th February is Egyptian day. Can children please wear their costumes to school.

Homework – All projects are due in by Monday 5th February. We would like to use the projects as part of a presentation during our Egyptian day on Tuesday 6th.

The Year 3 Teachers