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Y3 News Story 21/01/19


This week literacy we have been talking about heroes and villains. The children have used adjectives and adverbs to make their writing more powerful and learning how to create a mood as writers.

Our maths lessons have been focussed on re-visiting place value in three digit numbers and applying this knowledge to money.

In Science the children have been using scientific enquiry to investigate materials. They have discussed fair testing and produced tables to record their data.

To continue our learning about the Egyptians, the children have focussed on the river Nile and why it was so important to the Ancient Egyptian way of life. They learnt about the two areas of land – the red land and the black land and identified them on maps.

Gentle Reminders!

Tuesday 5th February is Egyptian day. Children can wear their costumes to school.

Homework – We have asked the children to create an Egyptian project. The project can be presented in any way you like, art based, a model, fact files, printed Power point etc. The more creative the better! Projects are due in by Monday 6th February.

The Year 3 Teachers