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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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In Literacy this week, children have been writing their own winter poems. At the beginning of the week, they gathered effective vocabulary. Pupils made their poems interesting and picturesque by including many poetic devices, such as similes, personification, repetition or alliteration.

In Maths, we have been working on multiplication and division facts for the 4 and 8 times tables. Pupils used doubling to recall their multiplication tables and wrote a multiplication statement that matched a division statement.

In Science, children summarised this half term’s learning by creating information texts about magnets and forces. They included pictures and diagrams to support their facts.

As an outcome of their learning about the USA, pupils have designed their own travel brochures about this fascinating country. They have demonstrated their knowledge of the USA by explaining to potential tourists why they should visit one of the American states or cities. Pupils used Purple Mash to help them create their brochures.

We wish you a restful weekend.

The Year 3 Teachers.