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New News Story


In Literacy this week we have started analysing non- fiction texts. Children got familiar with the features of information texts. They have also come up with their own interesting headings which matched paragraphs from the non-fiction books they read.

In Maths, children have been revising the properties of 2D shapes. They have learnt about the right angles in different shapes, lines of symmetry .Pupils also drew their own 2D shapes remembering to measure their sides accurately.

In Science children compared the similarities and differences in a variety of leaves. They were given a selection of leaves. Pupils investigated those leaves using magnifying glasses. Then they made a list of things they noticed about their leaves, including colour, texture, size, shape and smell.

In Topic we have learnt about the people who live in the rainforest and compared their lifestyles to our lifestyles. In RE, children have learnt about different religions. They understood that although we are different and don’t necessarily follow the same religion, we should always show kindness and respect to each other.

We would like to remind all the children and Parents/Carers that all the rainforest projects are due in on Thursday 18th October.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 3 Teachers.