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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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We have had a very exciting week in year 3. All the children absolutely loved taking part in the ‘Snakes Alive’ workshop. They had an opportunity to explore different animals that live in the rainforest, such as an iguana, a boa constrictor, a milk snake, a python or a tarantula. They learnt about the lifestyles of those animals, looked at them closely or even stroke a few of them.

In Literacy, children have practised using capital letters and full stops correctly. They have also found out how to make their writing more interesting by using effective adjectives. On Thursday we celebrated Roald Dahl’s Day and read a chapter from one of his books ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine.’ Inspired by the book, pupils have written the recipes for their own marvellous medicines using descriptive language. We have also started reading the book ‘The Great Kapok Tree’ where we found a variety of adjectives describing the animals and plants that live in the rainforest.

In Maths pupils have learnt about place value. They were able to recognise the value of each digit in a number. They also practised reading, writing and ordering numbers.

In Science children have started learning about plants. They have identified different parts of a plant and described some of the functions of those parts. In Topic, we explored different layers of the rainforest. Pupils were happy to learn about a variety of animals that live in each of the layers.

We would like to remind all the children to bring in their Homework Books and Reading Records on a regular basis. Thank you to Parents/Carers for your support in this matter.

Enjoy your weekend.

The Year 3 Teachers