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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Week commencing 26th April

Grandad's Island

This week in year 2 we have continued to look at our new book Grandad's Island.  The children spent Monday's lesson exploring seawater, seaweed, sand and shells and thinking of words that they could use to describe them.  The children really enjoyed this, although they weren't overly impressed about how smelly the seaweed was!


On Tuesday the children then used the language they had generated from the day before to help them create descriptive sentences about the sea.  We recorded these for you to watch.




The children then went on to become interior designers and helped Grandad and Syd redesign the inside of their shack.  They thought about what they would need in the shack to survive!  We also started to discuss what they could use to help them generate electricity.  The children then wrote letters to send their plans over to Grandad and Syd.

Finally, the children made a soundscape.  They based this around the different noises Syd and Grandad would be able to hear in the jungle.  We spent time researching the different noises the animals would have made and then worked together to put all the different noises together.