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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Last week, we worked hard writing our own Great Fire of London stories. We followed the pattern from Sammy the Street Dog, but we changed the animal, name and some of the events. The children's stories were excellent, with them sequencing the story correctly and using exciting vocabulary.

We started our new Maths topic which is 2D and 3D shape. The children were able to name most 2D shapes and could draw them on squared paper. We just need to remember it is still the same shape, no matter what direction it is in, for example it could be vertical, horizontal or diagonal but it still can be a rectangle. 

We were lucky to have a visit from Mrs K who runs gardening club. She was teaching us all about growing vegetables. We found out about different types of vegetables and what they need to grow. We now need to start growing our own in school. 

In Art, as part of our William Morris topic, we started drawing birds. We learnt about their key features, then drew them and used water colours to give them their vibrant colours.