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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Last week was very busy in Year 2. To prepare us for our visit to the Tower of London we learnt about different areas. We found out about the White Tower and why it was built, the crown jewels, and the animals in the menagerie. The children enjoyed learning different facts about these animals, including how the polar bear used to have a chain around him so he could go swimming in the River Thames, and there was an ostrich but it died when eating a nail as they thought you needed to feed them metal. 

On the day of the trip, the children walked along the Tower walls, looking out at the buildings around the Tower of London. Whilst on the walls they also saw different animals made of metal and a miniature version of the Tower of London. The children met a Yeoman and found out why he was called a Beefeater and watched the guards before seeing the Crown Jewels. 

One of the children's favourite parts was our session on knights. They met a knight who helped train them, as well as teach them about Edward the Confessor and William the Conqueror. He also explained how the White Tower is protected. Some of the different classes met the King and Queen and were knighted. 

As a whole the children really enjoyed the trip. They were so well behaved and made all the adults proud, with their good listening and excellent participation throughout the day. Excellent acting when we were with the knights too!