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Year 2 News

This week we have been preparing for our trip to the Tower of London. In Literacy and Computing we have been learning about and writing emails. We realised there were some things we needed to know so planned and wrote emails to the Tower of London. These included having a subject, explaining who we were and asking questions.  

We have also been finishing our trebuchets. We started by choosing a fixed or rotational axle so we could move the trebuchet, then used saws to cut the wood and make the other parts. 

In Music, we are practising different songs on the ocarina. The children are becoming more confident at playing the notes d, b and g. 

Just some reminders about our school trips next week. On their trip day, please can your child wear sensible shoes, preferably trainers. The children will also be carrying their packed lunch with them.  They will need a small backpack for this. As they will be carrying their lunch please do not pack too much for them.