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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Welcome back to Year 2. 


The children have enjoyed their first week back, where they have been carrying on with Knights and Castles. 

In Literacy we have been reading a book about King Arthur, which was written in the style of a comic strip. We have been thinking about different stories about knights that we could write and then wrote our own comic strips, using speech and thought bubbles. This is linked to this week's homework where the children can write a comic strip about themselves. 

We have finished our Maths topic which was multiplication. The children understand that it is repeated addition, for examples 4x5= can also be written as 5+5+5+5=

In Music, we have started playing the ocarinas. The children have been recapping D and B and are moving onto G.

Just a reminder that all children need pe kits in school, including leggings or jogging bottoms.