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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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As part of our topic on 'Pirates',  we have been learning about compass points in Geography. Children were able to use North, East, South and West when making a pirate map. They also learnt about the oceans and continents and found out the continent we are part of is Europe. 

In Literacy, we have started reading a new a new story - A New Home for a Pirate. We have made predictions as to what might happen in the story. Some ideas were that it would be a book on pirates, a boy would be in it and he would like a new pirate ship. We read our story and discussed it. To help Pirate Jed find his perfect home, we wrote a list of things he would need to make his home special and we wrote instructions for Jed's friend Ted to help him be a great pirate. 

We are continuing with addition and subtraction in Maths. This week we have started using the column method. We started with adding and subtracting just the ones column and will be moving on to the tens column next week. 

Polite reminder: As the weather is getting colder, please can all children wear a coat to school.  We ask that all school uniform (including PE kits) need to be labelled. In the colder months, children can wear tracksuit bottoms/leggings for outdoor games. A pair of shorts is still needed for indoor PE.