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  • 13/03/20


    Literacy this week was different to normal as everything was linked to Computing. We started the week by watching a video clip where we used our senses to describe it. The rest of the week we thought about how people felt during the time of the Great Fire of London. This included role playing b...
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  • 09/03/20


    Last week, we worked hard writing our own Great Fire of London stories. We followed the pattern from Sammy the Street Dog, but we changed the animal, name and some of the events. The children's stories were excellent, with them sequencing the story correctly and using exciting vocabulary. We...
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  • 02/03/20


    Last week we started our new topic of the Great Fire of London. In Literacy we read the book Sammy the Street Dog, which told the story of the Great Fire through Sammy's eyes. We learnt great new vocabulary including 'chaos awaited', 'raging fire', and 'matted from soot...
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  • 03/02/20


    Last week was very busy in Year 2. To prepare us for our visit to the Tower of London we learnt about different areas. We found out about the White Tower and why it was built, the crown jewels, and the animals in the menagerie. The children enjoyed learning different facts about these animals, inclu...
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