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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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First half term done!

  We have had a really lovely first term with the children and have noticed huge improvements in their learning, confidence and communication skills. We look forward to seeing this continue. 

In Maths, we have continued learning our numbers; learning to write our numbers the correct way round, and applying our knowledge of numbers to our learning environment. During half term, please practice writing numbers 1-3 with the correct formation.

In Literacy, we have continued reading the book 'Whatever Next!'. We have described the character in detail extending our vocabulary and also have been focusing on whether we can retell the story in the correct order. 

In Phonics, we have continued with our listening games and have also looked at rhyming text. The children have had a great time listening out for rhyming words in nursery rhymes and books. Children have independently been trying to generate a rhyming word and they have been quite successful at doing so. 

Next half term, our topic will be 'celebrations'. Please talk to your child and discuss the special celebrations that you celebrate. We would love to hear about it and any photos would be greatly welcomed. 

A few requests from the Reception team;

  • Please provide a named water bottle for your child, this will allow your child to independently access water throughout the day ensuring that they stay hydrated.

    Only water can be brought into school, no other drinks.

  • As winter approaches, please ensure your child can independently put on their coat and zip it up!

  • Please also ensure all your child's clothing is clearly named/labelled.

  • Start practising writing with your child at home using the correct letter formation (see handout given in parents evening) 

  • Also any recycling would be greatly appreciated, for example, empty bottles, empty kitchen rolls, any boxes and so on. 

  • During half term please stay safe and make your children aware of stranger danger.

Have a restful break and we shall see you ready for the next term on Monday 28th October.