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Reception’s Newsletter -Wb 1.04.201

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a fantastic display of beautiful bonnets!

On Wednesday he had our Easter Bonnet parade and we loved joining in with all the fun.

The children were asked to decorate an Easter Bonnet at home and bring it in if they wanted to take part.

For our parade, Nursery and Reception children went into the Early Years outside area and each class got to show their wonderful bonnets.

Well done to everyone who made one …or more! They looked amazing and they were very difficult to judge.

Another term comes to an end, and looking back we really do wonder how we squeezed in all we did! There has been such a range of memorable trips, visits and workshops for our children! They have been working so hard. It’s time to take a break, sit back, and enjoy two weeks of holiday!

Here are some things we hope the children will manage to tick off during the holiday:

• Play out with their friends

• Watch all of their favourite cartoons back-to-back.

• Spend a fun day out with the family

• Go to the park for a picnic with their friends.

• Wear their favourite dressing up outfit all day.

• Or alternatively, wear their pyjamas all day!

• Enjoy sitting outside for lunch in the garden.

• Have a sleepover in the week!

• Make a den out of duvets and blankets.

• Stay up late without having to set the alarm in the morning.

We wish you a peaceful, enjoyable and relaxing Easter holiday.

We hope all of our children get the chance to fully recharge their batteries over this time, ready to face the challenges of the new summer term with energy and enthusiasm.

Reception Team