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Welcome back!

We've already had a great first week, where we've started a new book in Literacy. Everyone is enjoying reading Dougal's deep sea diary and learning about his sea adventures. We've been acting out the story, pretending to be different characters from the book. 

This week in maths we've been measuring, using length. We started the week measuring objects under 30cm, then started measuring things longer than our small ruler so we used a metre stick and trundle wheel which are both 1 metre long. At the end of the week we started estimating different lengths by using certain items to help us, for example if a glue stick is 14cm long then something smaller cannot be more than 14cm. The children enjoyed this and did really well. 

As we are in our summer term, we learnt all about summer in Science. We talked about how we see more bees and butterflies, the weather changes, the flowers come out and we have started to change the clothes we wear.