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Year 6 News

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  • 21/03/18

    FRIDAY 16th March

    In Literacy, we have been writing our own complaint letters. We imagined that we had to endure a dreadful meal and experience at Nando's (unlucky for us!). We were able to experiment with a range of new punctuation and lots of interesting formal vocabulary. Luckily for us, we still enjoy a meal...
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  • 06/03/18

    Friday 9th March

    This week in Literacy, Year 6 have been been writing informal emails. We have explored the features of informal writing and have applied our new knowledge and understanding to our own informal emails. We are looking forward to typing our emails as well! 
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  • 06/02/18

    Tuesday 6th february 2018

    This week in literacy, Year 6 have been completing our topic on persuasion and have begun to produce our own leaflet to persuade travellers to visit a range of countries in North America. We have used a range of resources to research our chosen country. 
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  • 13/12/17

    15 th December 2017

    On Thursday, Year 6 saw the Cinderella pantomine at the Broadway Theatre! Oh no you didnt! Oh yes we did! All the staff and children had a fantastic time. We absolutely loved seeing the children dress up in their Christmas jumpers and supporting such a a...
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  • 08/12/17

    Friday 8th December 2017

    This week Year 6 have been working hard to prepare for and complete all of their assessments.    The Year 6 team would like to thank all the parent(s)/carers and children who attended the Christmas Fayre on Wednesday-we hope you walked away with some great prizes!  
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  • 01/12/17

    Friday 1st December 2017's the 1st of December and we here at Year 6 are looking forward to all of the festivities including the Chrtistmas Fayre on Wednesday 6th December! We hope to see you there! This week in Literacy, Year 6 have continued reading the Shakespearean tragedy- Macbeth. The c...
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  • 22/11/17

    Friday 24th November 2017

    This week in Literacy, Year 6 have been reading the Shakespeare tragedy 'Macbeth'. They have discussed the actions of Macbeth and given evidence to support this.    In Maths, the children kicked off the week looking at multiples, factors and prime numbers. Then the childr...
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  • 22/11/17

    Friday 17th November 2017 

    This week in Literacy, Year 6 continued with their unit on Newspapers and wrote their very own Blitz newspaper article using formal and informal writing techniques. They produced some excellent work! In Maths, the children revised the place value of numbers to three decimal places e,g 2.412. They...
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  • 14/11/17

    Friday 10th November 2017

    This week in Literacy, Year 6 have begun a unit on Newspapers. They have explored the features of newspapers and learned the difference between 'passive' and 'active' voice. In Maths, the children revised various 2-D and 3-D shapes and had the opportunity...
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  • 02/11/17

    Friday 3rd November 2017

    This week in Literacy, Year 6 have been learning how to use inverted commas (speech marks) correctly. Then, the children had a go at writing their own spooooky dialogue. In addition to this, the children have been exploring the film  of 'Goodnight Mr. Tom' and comparing it...
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  • 19/10/17

    Friday 20th October 2017

    This week we had our trip to HMS Belfast. We all had a great day out exploring the ship and learning lots of information- even if we were a little scared of the very lifelike waxwork sailors. The children were extremely well-behaved and an asset to you as parents/carers. We were very proud of t...
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  • 12/10/17

    Friday 13th October 2017

    This week in Year 6, we have been completing some assessments. The children have completed a reading test. This has allowed us to see the areas we need to develop after half term. The children completed a mini Spelling and Grammar test based on the grammar and spellings they have learnt this ha...
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