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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Friday 9th February 2018

This week, in Year 5, the children have finished writing their persuasive letters to Mr Nicholson. The children really enjoyed coming up with different arguments to help them convince Mr Nicholson to keep their break times.    

In Maths the children have continued learning about angles. This week we looked at how we can find missing angles on a straight line and in a full turn.

On Tuesday, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. This year, we focused upon ‘fake news’, drawing attention to the fact that information that is found on the internet may not be reliable. The children completed a range of tasks promoting different ways we can spot ‘fake news’.

On Friday, the children enjoyed celebrating ‘Health Heroes Day’. The children created their own colourful masks to show support for improving the health and fighting poverty, particularly thinking about people who are less fortunate than us.

We would like to wish all parents and carers a relaxing half term.

The year 5 team.