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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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This week we have celebrated the Rights Respecting Week. It was a very interesting week packed with many exciting activities.  Every day we looked at different articles and discussed how and why different rights should be respected.

On Monday children learnt about the right to be safe. We talked about places where we feel safe and identified the signs that our bodies send us anytime we don’t feel safe. We also discussed how to stay safe online.

Tuesday was our Diversity Day.  During the day we were discussing amazing achievements of two remarkable people – Jonnie Peacock and Malala Yousafzai. Children also wrote a letter to Jonnie Peacock explaining why he was an inspiration to others. Then pupils worked in groups creating their own pop group to enter diversity factor. They had to make their group as diverse as possible, thinking about their age, gender or ethnicity.

Wednesday was Health Day when children designed their own eat well plates. They also chose healthy ingredients for their pizzas.

Thursday was Conservation and Green day. It was a very busy day with enjoyable events taking place. Children took part in Water Conservation workshop. We also had a wonderful time at the Summer Fete after school.

On Friday we talked about social justice and global citizenship. We discussed the rights of refugees and explained the difference between Needs and Wants.

It was a great week as it gave us an opportunity to learn more about the rights of different groups of people. We also had lots of fun.

Have a restful weekend.

The Year 3 Teachers.