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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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In English this week, children have learnt how the author uses language to excite the reader. They described the fight from the book “Bill’s New Frock” and later this week they wrote this familiar section of the story as a play script. At the end of the week pupils selected vocabulary to create a mood and completed an account in the third person describing Bill’s experience of winning the race.

In Maths, children got familiar with the column method for subtraction and they used this method to subtract three-digit numbers. They also solved Maths word and reasoning problems.

Children have enjoyed learning about different types of fossils in Science and they were very excited to explore them. Pupils have also managed to finish off their Stone Age necklaces which they will wear during the Stone Age play.

We have also been working hard in preparation for the Stone Age play practising our parts and songs with Smiles.

The Year 3 Teachers.