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School Councillors Trip to the Houses of Parliament

The school councillors went on a school trip to the Houses of Parliament; we had a great time and the children were a credit to the school.

The school council went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament. On the trip we learnt about the history of the buildings and its uses. We also learnt about the different houses and their colours. The houses of Lords is red, Houses of Commons is green and gold represents the Queen. Finally, none of the royal family are allowed in the rooms because once, a king barged in during a conversation and fired members of parliament - Lewis 6 Willow

My trip to the Houses of Parliament was a very knowledgeable experience for me and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The most memorable fact I learnt was that in the room that the Queen prepares herself to do her speech once a year, there are paintings of King Charles demonstrating the qualities a good King or Queen should have - Monjola 6 Beech

The Houses of Parliament was a great trip; we learnt lots of brand new facts. I learnt that the Queen only comes to the Houses of Parliament once a year. Also, speaking of the Queen, when she does her speech her son and her daughter sit by her during it. Michael Jackson once tried to buy the Queen's throne for 3 million pounds - Mayo 6 Holly

When I went to the Houses of Parliament, me and the other school councillors learnt different laws and about the different houses. I learnt that Michael Jackson once tried to buy the Queen's golden chair for 3 million pounds. My favourite part was when we saw the room that had lived through the fire that burnt down the palace. There are different houses; the Houses of Lords and the Houses of Commons – The Queen is not allowed to go into these two rooms because once a King stormed into the Houses of Commons and he got into trouble. We learnt that the artist who painted the paintings in the Queen's dressing room died before he got the chance to finish them - Aaron 6 Mulberry