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earth DAY 22/4/2020

Every year on 22nd April, Earth Day is celebrated around the world to raise awareness on how we can protect the environment. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. We have discussed pollution as part of our Rights Respecting learning and ways we can reduce pollution.

‘Earth Day every day’. Story read aloud, which help explains Earth Day and how we can help to protect the environment:

‘How to Help the Earth by the Lorax’. Story read aloud to learn how you can help too:

‘The Earth book’. Story read aloud for younger readers:

Earth day activities at home:  Help at home by recycling and reusing items. Art activities – see ideas below, you could draw a landscape, and you could create a poster showing ways we can help protect the Earth. Use the links to the books above to help you and enjoy listening to them!

Live streams on the day and more information can be found here:

Learn about Earth’s incredible places, the environmental problems we need to tackle and the wonderful wildlife that need our help. There are also Rainforest facts here:



Article 24 - Every child has the right to the best possible health. This includes clean water, nutritious food, a clean environment and health care.

Article 13 - Children have the right to find out information and share what they think by writing, drawing or talking about it unless it harms anyone else.