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parent workshops

Dear Parents /Carers,

We are so pleased so many of you are showing an interest in the Parent Workshops to support your child with their Maths and Reading, and are using the booking system to secure a place on those workshops.

Can we now ask, that after you have secured a place, if you CANNOT or DO NOT WANT TO come to that workshop, that you cancel your booking to allow someone else to come instead.

At times, the workshops are fully booked, with only half of those that have booked attending, and people waiting for a place on the waiting list.

Please be aware, the workshops are for Parents, not for the child.  If you book a workshop, we expect you to come to school on the date and time to attend the workshop.  If not, just cancel in advance.

Going forward, we will be monitoring those that do not attend without explanation, and may have to restrict your attendance to future workshops.

Thanks in advance of your cooperation.