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Rights respecting Week at Grafton Primary

Rights Respecting Week

Monday 18th

This was a day to learn about our Right to be protected from harm. We learnt about the Green Cross Code and how to cross the road safely. We learnt that you should always stay 1 metre away from the edge of the road so you are not hit by a car or a bus. We also learnt that you should always wear a helmet when biking in case you fall off and damage your head and hurt your brain. 

Wednesday 20th 

At the assembly on how to have a healthy mind, we talked about lots of ways you can release stress. Talking to your fiends is one way. It really helped me. I started doing that. I thought it was really good advice. Also we learnt how to release your stress by breathing in from your nose and out with your mouth. 

Thursday 21st 

I thought that he fete was really good. People enjoyed all the rides....there were lots to choose from.  I think we raised lots of money which was spectacular! The food was delicious especially the chocolate chip cookies.  I went on the Bouncy castle with my friend and we had loads of fun chasing each other and bouncy around. I didn't want this day to end! I thought it was simply amazing!

Friday 22nd

We learnt how all children have rights no matter what colour they are or what language they speak. 

by Kyah 4 Oak