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Nursery News 20/03/20

We had a fabulous week in Nursery this week despite everything that was going on in the world.  The children started looking at a new book 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  We read through the story and joined in with the repetitive refrains. 'Trip, Trap, Trip Trap.' and 'Who's that crossing over my bridge?'  We also looked at the sounds we could hear in 'trip' and 'trap' and compared which sounds were the same and which ones were different.

The children discussed about how we can change our voice for different characters. Together, we talked about how the different size Billy Goats may talk.  It was decided that the small goat would speak in a high pitched quiet voice and the largest goat would speak in low pitched louder voice.

The Nursery children learned the song 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' to the tune of 'The Wheels on the Bus' .  Attached are the words.  Maybe you can try and sing this at home together! Can you remember the actions? Remember to sing louder for each verse!

We also had more fun as the children became investigators and were encouraged to find 3 items around the Nursery. One small item, one middle sized item and one big item and we sorted them into sets.

In the outdoor and indoor environment there was a lot of bridge building. Can anyone design and build a bridge at home?  Which Billy Goat will it be for?  Please email us all your lovely work- we will love to see it over the coming weeks. 

The Mothers Day cards were fun to make and helped us see how well we were washing our hands in Nursery!  We participated in an experiment to show how hand sanitiser works.  We used ginger, water and hand sanitiser.  The experiment was very visual and the children were keen observers.  It also lead to a lot of discussion as we used lots of different hand sanitisers.  The children observed which one they thought worked the best and why.

We wish all our Mums and Nanny's in Nursery a very Happy Mother's Day!

Keep safe 

Look out for more home learning resources being updated.

The Nursery Team