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nursery News 15/3/19

The children have really enjoyed our story of the week, The Gingerbread Man.  Together we read the recipe and the list of ingredients needed to make their own Gingerbread Men, then using your kind donations we bought the ingredient's needed so that all of the children could make their own Gingerbread person.   They helped weigh the ingredient's out and all enjoyed mixing, rolling and cutting the dough. 

Next they counted carefully the number of raisin eyes and buttons their person had, before popping them into the oven to cook.  We were careful to make sure none escaped!  Friday we celebrated Comic Relief by wearing red items of clothing, having a cake sale (everyone had a cake) and by making red paper noses.  To keep the red theme going we allowed the children to make jam on toast or jam sandwiches, the children were super sensible when using the knives to spread the butter and jam and to cut their bread.  We have lots of fantastic cooks in Nursery!