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Nursery News 1/3/19

This week in Nursery

We have been looking at Numbers.  We have found that some of us can count to 10, some of us can count to 20 and above and all of us enjoy counting.  We have been encouraging children to count using a loud voice and a quiet voice, we have been encouraging children to sing lots of different number songs with us and we have also been asking children if they can recognise numbers.  Recognising numbers is a great thing to practise at home with your children as numbers are all around us and the children enjoy looking out for numbers they see in the Nursery.  We have also been encouraging the children to accurately count a small group of objects, by lining them up and counting one object at a time, pointing to it as they do.  The children have enjoyed counting a variety of objects in Nursery such as pencils, chairs, each other etc.  We have also been talking to the children about making their finger muscles super strong so that they can develop a better grip of a pencil.  We have been teaching children to use `snappy fingers` to get ready to hold the pencil, your children can show you what we have been teaching them, if you aren't sure the Nursery Team will happily show you show you our `snappy finger` technique.  We have also been talking about which hand the children like to hold their pencil in and most children were able to show us which hand they like to write and draw with.  Next week we have a busy week in Nursery, we have our parent workshops to introduce the toy library to you all, we have pancake day on Tuesday (thank you to all those who donated their pennies we do really appreciate them and have used them to buy the pancake ingredient's) and Thursday is World Book Day and the children can come dresses up to school as their favourite book character, so another fun and busy week ahead.

Thanks Nicola