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Nursery News Story 18/01/19

This week we have been learning about flat shapes in Nursery. We went for a walk around the school to see if we could spot triangles, squares, rectangles and circles. The children enjoyed looking for the shapes and we have been praticising learning the shape names in class.  We have been playing games where children have to describe the shape they have by telling their friends how many straight sides it has, how many points etc.  At home you could play similar shape spotting games to encourage your children to become familiar with the flat shapes.   We have been working hard on our tidying up skills, in Nursery we encourage the children to access toys and resources they wish to use and then we also expect them to tidy the equipment away, I’m hoping you can see them tidying up at home!

 With the cold weather coming it is a great skill for your children to be able to put on and do up their own coat indepently, with hat and scarf season upon us could you make sure your children have their names on everything so that we can return any lost gloves to the right person.