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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Week 6 by Abdul Wasay 6 willow

Our last week of the half term has been really interesting.

Literacy: This week we have been learning about Shackleton and whether his crew should leave the ice floe or not. Now we are in the process of writing our own balanced argument. 

Maths: In lessons we have been adding, subtracting, dividing and multiplying fractions. 

Science: We are learning about plants and how different ones grow in different conditions. We have also been looking at mould and how that grows on bread in different places. 

Topic: We have been learning about different animals in the polar regions and making our own fact files. 

In other news: The Year 6 football team won all their games at a tournament and won the cup- well done. We also had a Bike-It assembly and a workshop. The Bike-It crew took some people to show them how to fix a puncture in the inner tube of a tyre. 

Have a great half term .

Abdul Wasay- 6 Willow