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week 5

Hi all. Another week has flown by in the blink of an eye for the Year 6 team.

In our Literacy lessons, the children have continued their work on Shackleton and Ice Trap. This week, we have been looking at whether the crew should stay or go. Having been stuck in ice for many months, the children have been thinking about the reasons to stay on the ice floe or risk finding sanctuary elsewhere. Some of the ideas have been really interesting and the classes have been using role play and questions to really try and understand how the crew may have been thinking. 

In Maths, we have continued with fractions. We have been looking at converting improper fractions into mixed numbers and visa-versa. The children will now move onto adding and subtracting fractions. As we said last week, this is a tricky area of the subject but the children have been showing a great attitude towards their work. 

In Science, we continue to monitor our bread in our microorganisms study. Some of the bread  has started to show signs of mould (don't worry it is all safe inside plastic bags) and the children have been noting their observations. 

Next week is our last of this half term. On Wednesday and Thursday, we are holding our Meet the Teacher evenings an Friday is International Childhood Cancer Day. Children can dress in their own clothes in their favourite colour. 

Please have a lovely weekend. 

The Year 6 Team