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Week 3 20.01.2020

Week 3 of the half term has been another exciting week for Year 6. 

The children have been busy writing their own endings to 'The Fib' in Literacy and we have been really impressed with the quality of the stories. Next week, we will be starting our new text and we are exciting about this. 

In Maths, we have been looking at algebra and the children have all impressed us with their work. This is always a tricky concept but the children have shown great resilience to solve some really difficult questions. 

Our focus in Topic lessons has been the differences between Earth's two polar regions. The children looked into the animals, the weather and the people in the different areas to create their own reports. Our Science lesson this week saw the children learn about microorganisms. We looked into how they could be helpful as well as harmful and how many of them we use everyday. 

Please have a lovely weekend and remember that school is closed to children on Monday. Have a great weekend.


The Year 6 Team