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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Week 5

This week the children have been carrying out some assessments so we can see how much progress they have made. We have been super impressed with everyone's effort and application and can see that they have all tried their best. 

With just 4 days this week (we hope you enjoyed your next day off), the children have been writing character descriptions in Literacy. These have been really good and shows how good the children's understanding of the characters is. 

In Computing, we have been presenting our Powerpoints to different classes and the children have been really engaged in this. We will now spend some time evaluating their final pieces so that next time they are even better. 

In Topic, we have been creating our own vlogs from the point of view of Anne Frank during WW2. These 'video diaries' allowed the children to really immerse themselves in the role of a child during the war. Once again, the children really enjoyed this and the outcomes were very good. 

Well done everyone for their efforts this week and we hope you have a lovely weekend. 

The Year 6 Team