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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Friday 20th March 2020


What a week it has been! 

First of all, on behalf of the year 4 staff, I would like to say a huge thank you to the children and parents/carers this week. It has been a seriously odd week but the children have been that one constant that have remained the same and for that we are thankful. The resilience the children have shown has made it super easier for us to keep on going. Although, it has been an odd couple of days, we will continue to work hard together to ensure our children are happy and are doing well. 

Our text in English this term has been 'How to Train Your Dragon'. The audiobook is available on Youtube and I will do my best to put it on to our home learning page. 

You could also keep a diary or journal to record how you are feeling and what you are doing during your time away from school. Once, this is over and we return back to normal, we can look back and see what life was like during this uncertain time. 

Our topic for this term has been the Anglo-Saxons, so please enjoy finding out more about the Anglo-Saxons, how they lived, where they came from and other interesting facts you can find out. You could create a poster, information booklet or PowerPoint about it. If you would like to email the year 4 email address (, we will be more than happy to take a look at your wonderful work. 

For maths, you can continue learning your times tables and test each other at home to see if you can become quicker and quicker! There are also lots of maths games on Mathletics. 

Once again, if you ever feel like you need your teacher to talk to or just want to simply share how you are doing, you can email our year 4 page. We will be more than happy to reply to let you know how we are doing as well.


“Goodbyes are not forever,
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you,
Until we meet again.”

Miss Ahmed xx